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    "Mike's awesome. His mental 'magic tweaks' will work wonders for you. Trust me!"



    Nebraska, USA


    mike searles - the comeback coach

    Mike Searles
    I coach high performers in making a comeback in health, wealth, love or life.

    What is THIS GUIDE all about?

    If you feel stuck in the aftermath of adversity or setback, and are looking for ideas on how to get back on track - this easy to read guide is a start towards change.


    “I very much enjoyed our podcast chat, Mike. I think what you are doing with the Comeback theme is spot on. Recovery is such a big part of human survival and growth. It’s especially relevant and helpful since we are all in Covid comeback mode one way or another.” ~ Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Cognitive Scientist, Father of x10 Thinking, and author of ‘The x10 Memeplex: multiply your business by ten!’
    ~ Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Cognitive Scientist, Father of x10 Thinking, and author of 'The x10 Memeplex: multiply your business by ten!'

    "Thank you, Mike! Loved our interview. Your attentive presence and respect nurtured the best from me. I am grateful."
    ~ Dr. Joe Vitale, author of far too many books to mention here

    "Mike, thank you for all you do."
    ~ Lee Milteer, Author, Speaker, Publisher, and Coach, USA

    "I'll remember this forever. You changed my life."
    ~ Divine Moyo, Freelance Copywriter, Zimbabwe, Africa

    "Love it!"
    ~ Grant Cardone, Author, The 10X Rule, USA

    "We learned that you are a really nice likeable guy but more importantly, you have had quite a life story and that experience and you sharing it with others is the real gift."
    ~ Jenny Weldon Locklin, Founder of Creative Message Media, USA

    "Having invested 4 hours of my time on coaching calls with Mike has been deeply profound and results manifested. One morning I sat and spoke out loud and shared what I desired, to whomever was listening... 3 days later a long term contract position doing what I love was offered to me - how awesome! I highly recommend having weekly conversations with Mike to adjust the mind and open the heart to the abundance we all have waiting for us. It's a beautiful 'feel good' experience. Thanks again, much gratitude."
    ~ Lyndi MacRae, Online Marketing & Automation Consultant, Australia

    “The workshop was very informative. Telling us your own story made it much more sincere and true to life.”
    ~ Dr. Christopher Fischer, Fischer Health & Rehab Center, USA

    "Mike is one of the most affable, genuine human beings I know. Highly recommend his services! Very creative and I trust him."
    ~ Dr. Ben Grisafi, Chiropractor, USA

    "It’s mind boggling how intuitive YOU are in asking so many key questions and helping me root out things that need sorting. Heck, it feels GREAT!"
    ~ Candice Parsons, Entrepreneur, Australia

    "We pretty much hit the ground running and after a few minutes of Mike getting an idea of my business, he came up with suggestions that I would have never dreamed of considering. Ideas and suggestions that only someone with his depth and breadth of expertise can come up with."
    ~ Venard Fong, Pain Therapist, London, UK

    "Put your seat-belt on and get ready, cause you are about to go on a helicopter ride with Mike as the co-pilot. That's how Mike's coaching will feel. You will look into your life... and identify the mindsets that are slowing you down so that you could make the breakthrough you are looking for."
    ~ Zivi Kivi, Entrepreneur, Israel

    "What a session! Mike has a real gift for convincing you to express real vulnerability... He cuts through your hidden defense mechanisms and offers actionable ideas to improve your life and business... and that was just from a single free call! Don't hesitate, set one up now. You'll be glad you did."
    ~ Alex Canales, Professional Copywriter & Musician, USA

    "Talking with Mike is probably the best decision I made ... Within the first 15 minutes, he helped me formulate a plan to set & reach my short term goals. By the time we wrapped up the call I felt newfound confidence in myself. I knew what I had to do and how to do it.”
    ~ Hamza Amir, Internet Marketer/Copywriter, Pakistan

    "I hope one day you read my name in the international news and realize I likely wouldn't have been so successful without your kindness..."
    ~ Dr. Sequoia Earl, Chiropractor, USA

    "I still read (and enjoy) every single email that you send on a daily basis; because they are uplifting, inspirational and informative. I can’t think of a single example when I have not forwarded the daily message onto a client, a friend or someone in my own pipeline."
    ~ Ron G. Holland, Author, Talk & Grow Rich & The Millionaire Within, UK

    "Michael Searles has interviewed me on the topic of intuition not once but twice for his Interviews with Experts series. His professionalism, tact and pointed questions put both the interviewee and listeners at ease. I would not hesitate to do a third interview with Michael should he to ask."
    ~ Miss Lucy Diamond, Chelmsford Reiki, USA